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Global environmental issues and resource depletion concern the foundation of the existence of humankind.

It is our duty to hand over the global environment in a sound state to succeeding generations, while developing the sustainable society by keeping the Earth’s Limited resources and the waste management.

Toshiba Tec aims to keep Corporate citizenship by promoting changes in our mindset as well as achieve technological innovation.

Toshiba Tec has already worked on the development of "Environmentally conscious products" that decreases the negative environmental impact at each stage like the raw material procurement, manufacturing, circulation, consumption, and abandonment, etc.

Procuring prior of a new material and the chemical used for the environmental preservation evaluation and the production process of the supplier is evaluated in the raw material procurement stage according to this.

Toshiba Tec settles on "Green procurement guideline" for aiming to promotes environment-friendly procurement.

Toshiba Tec aims procuring material and products from the company performing global environmental issues based on this guideline.

Sincerely Toshiba Tec hope your understanding and cooperation in "Green procurement guideline" that is the part of our approach for environmental preservation.

Guidelines for Green Procurement available from Septembre 1, 2023
Guidelines for Green Procurement V13.1 [English] (PDF file 290KB)pdf

Attached Table : Details of substances (typical examples) available from from September 1, 2023
Attached Table V13.1.0 : Details of substances (typical examples) [English] (PDF file 1,485KB)pdf

Toshiba Tec Survey Sheet V3.2 available from December 1, 2022
Toshiba Tec Survey Sheet V3.2 [English] (xlsx File 87KB)