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We offer the industrialization and realization of your digital signage projects or 'Digital Signage': communication and marketing tools that allow to broadcast or share information, in the form of multimedia content, in public or private places , on a screen, a video wall, interactive terminals or kiosks, totems or desks, etc.

By relying on the multiple skills of the VIALOG group of companies that it helped launch in 2009, TOSHIBA reverses the usual paradigm of client / subcontractor relations: thus can the local subsidiary of a large international group it become the subcontractor of a TPE or a start-up looking for a partner to industrialize its products!

As the only industrial base of the Group based in Europe, our aim is also to become the advanced hub of other TOSHIBA TEC entities based in Singapore or the United States, in the fields of Retail, e-ticketing, or Digital Signage.


Nicolas RENOUX
Responsable commercial VIALOG

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