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On-request configuration

On-request configuration

We provide customized on-request assembly of products in the factory, configuration and software loading as required by end customers. We customize your products according to your expectations and according to the group's production and traceability standards.

  • Team hours 2 x 7 hours from 6am to 8pm, Monday to Friday
  • Flexible organization to adapt our capacity to the demand
  • Products: Multifunction photocopiers of the TOSHIBA range, point of sale terminals, printers, screens, scanners, laptops, kiosks, digital terminals ...
  • Clients: TOSHIBA TEC network subsidiaries in France and authorized retaillers


  • Optimal delivery time upon receipt of order (48 hours to 72 hours configuration)
  • A guaranteed assembly and configuration process in the factory
  • Simplified and recyclable packaging
  • Latest updates of downloaded software
  • "Plug and Click" products: ready to be plugged in and to be used
  • Suite and traceability of the order until the customer delivery via a dedicated website (www.ato-service.com)