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At the beginning of 2017, The TOSHIBA site in Dieppe started a 3-year future plant transformation plan which is divided into 6 working groups:

  • Automatisation and robotization
  • IOT / MES
  • Logistics 4.0
  • Logistics and Manufacturing Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Com'4 Business

Having the most advanced technological innovations is not enough to boost the performance of the company. Everyone has to know how to use these new technologies to make the most of them.

Thus, the concept of "Industry of the Future" must include, in our opinion, four fundamental axes:

  • Conduct of change: the declination of the Vision of the company in Medium-term Strategy and Key Projects gives meaning to the desired change. This involves the commitment of the company Management in sharing the vision and the involvement of all teams in the transformation of the company
  • Business Networks : Large companies are responsible for committing to their territory, through economic actions and sharing of good practices, just as agility and innovation solutions can come TPE or start-up needing an industrial pilot. In addition to pooling, working within a collaborative network of companies helps develop a territorial collective efficiency
  • Environmental and Societal Responsibility: the commitment to the company goes through the attention to the men and women who compose it as well as to future generations. The different environmental impacts (CO2 footprint, water, air, waste) as well as health and safety at work of our employees or users of our products are all guarantees of the sustainability of the company.
  • Automatisation and digitization of processes: the last steps of the digital transformation of the company which rely on the 3 previous axes, robotisation or automation favors painful or repetitive tasks, while supplying sharing and data analysis must allow everyone to make a constructive contribution to the performance of the whole.

Toner Cartridge Packaging Robots in action:

Form & Label to improve the efficiency for shipping process   :